This article provides you complete understanding of when to use funnel chart, benefits of funnel chart and an attempt was made to explain with simple example with well known e-commence giant.

Funnel charts plays a very important role in the field of Sales and Marketing.

Funnel charts are used to represent stages in business and when there is hierarchy level analysis is required.

Lets understand a scenario, taking a simple example of flow -

Example -

(please note example taken only for understanding purpose)

Amazon is coming up with big billion week offer, for which they need to convey this…

There is always a confusion when you are pursuing Statistical concepts. Let us see Covariance and Correlation in detail in this article.

First useful information you can gather from data is how two variables are associated to each other. In layman terms, how one variable is related to other variable?

Covariance and correlation are two significantly used terms in the field of statistics and probability theory. Both the terms measure the relationship and the dependency between two variables


Covariance indicates the direction of the linear relationship between variables. Covariance values are not standard (…can be any number)

Covariance is…

Santhosh J

Data Scientist

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